Welcome to my new journey!

All are welcome here. No matter your politics, if you enjoy the great outdoors, enjoy viewing wildlife, and you enjoy camping, this place is for you. Our National Parks and National Forests transcend political partisanship and my goal for this blog is to keep it that way. I make no mistake of my own views and freely exercise my constitutional right to share those views but I keep the tone civil and keep the discussion centered around verifiable facts. We can all enjoy the public lands entrusted to us all. This blog is here to highlight our great lands, the incredible people who make them possible and highlight my journey visiting each one.


My name is Travis Deaton and I am a nomad advocate. I care deeply about our National Parks and believe in the importance of volunteerism. The purpose of this site is to share interesting facts and news about our National Parks, highlight incredible volunteer opportunities and community projects, and offer a call to action. We all have a stake in this world. Let’s do something good today.


Contact me with suggestions, questions, and whatever is on your mind!