Books for your next great American National Park road trip. 

  1. Explore Your National Parks, children’s book, 2-6 yrs old
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Explore Your National Parks highlights Arches NP, Zion NP, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon NP, Mesa Verde NP, Great Sand Dunes NP, Rocky Mountain NP, Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone NP, Wind NP, Badlands NP, with visual-rich pages. Young explorers meet new friends like elk, Bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, crows, bison, and explore cultural treasures of Mesa Verde NP.

Young readers start their journey at home, in a town, and fly on a plane to the great American West. They explore the parks and see a bigger and more colorful world outside the boundaries of their hometown. They leave the journey with a deeper appreciation for National Parks and the wildlife that call them home.

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2. Nomad Adventures National Park Guidebook

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Did you ever want to visit a National Park or National Monument, but just didn’t know where to start?
Are you currently planning a trip to a National Park, but don’t know what to do once there? How do you register for a campsite? How do you find free camping?
In this book, I lay out for you the steps you will need to make your visit a success. I leave out the fluff and bluster, and leave the most important, practical information you will actually use.

Table of Contents
Research Ahead of Time
Determine Calvary Size
Plan Ahead
Annual Passes
National Forests
National Monuments
Lodging & Dining
Park Rangers

So, what do I know about National Parks, anyway?
Over a year ago, I accepted a job at Big Bend National Park for a position in maintenance and retail at Chisos Mountain Lodge. I was in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Big Bend NP is located in Southwest Texas. Getting there was a trip in itself, and I took two weeks on the road to get there.
On the way to Big Bend, I camped in Hot Springs National Park, stormed through endless logger roads of Mark Twain National Forest and camped one night; enjoyed the Ozark NSR, Buffalo NR, Cane River Creole NHP; stormed through the Big Thicket National Res; backcountry hiked and camped in the wilderness of Pedernales Falls State Park during a thunderstorm, and marveled at the Lyndon B. Johnson NHP and the Historic Landmark town of Fredericksburg. I thought that was a road trip, but it proved to be a small test run for what was to come.
Once I headed for Sedona and entered Big Bend Country, I knew I had entered a different world. Far from the upper Mid-West of grass and pine trees. I was in the land of rolling desert, rumbling with severe thunderstorms miles afar and prickly desert plant life abound.
Fast forward 4 months to the moment I was leaving Big Bend National Park, a month long road trip began. The lessons I learned during my employment at Big Bend NP and my travels to 155 other national parks, monuments, forests, historic sites, and wildlife refuges, I lay out for you in this book. My work in helping hundreds of visitors find their way will now help you in your journey.

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3. Nomad Adventures: Bryce Canyon National Park Day

Explore a hike through the Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park in rich 4K detail. Venture among nature’s statues and reminisce these unique natural wonders. This photographic essay makes for a great discussion piece. For Kindle.

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Bryce Canyon National Park: A Photographic Essay

4. Bryce Canyon National Park: A Photographic Essay

Explore the other-worldly landscape of Bryce Canyon National Park with this photographic journey. The beauty of Utah’s most unique and breath-taking national park is captured with each page. From the early morning, to the sunset of the Gold Hour, these 50+ pages of rich photographs will beckon you to visit this one-of-a-kind park. For those who have visited, and for those who shall someday make the trip, this photographic collection captures the magic of Bryce Canyon. You will be awe inspired. 

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5. Nomad Adventures: National Parks, Monuments, & Wildlife Preserves

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6. Bryce Canyon National Park

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