My Garden Progress

Grow a garden.

Even if a food shortage doesn’t hit, you’ll be happy with your extra fresh, home grown produce.

PS. A food shortage is most certainly coming.

The media won’t tell us until its too late, and claim their ignorance and innocence.

For more, go check out Ice Age Farmer, he’s on Twitter and Youtube.

I’ll come write a post on weather forecasts, crop yield, meat production, etc. There are plenty of reasons to grow your own food. Even the recent riots are a reason. Right now, people are looting stores for sneakers. Later, they’ll be looting grocery stores until they’re empty. And when they’re empty, they’ll burn the stores down.

Reminder, my gardening approach is called HugelKultur. Its an old german technique that was handed down in my family for generations. It works great. See my previous blog posts on the process of building these mounds. They make your garden drought resistant. They also make your garden resistant to heavy rains, which is what my region in southern Ohio has been dealing with. While other gardens are being washed away, mines thriving. Mounds allow for drainage and lifts the vegetables up a little higher, rather than lower as in a tilled garden. Take a look at my blog post where I go in great detail, step by step, by how I made my garden.

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