Building an Ambitious Hugelkultur Mound!

The material I used for Mound #2
I gathered this from my grandfathers tree. Essential for a Hugelkultur garden.
First, I set out to dig up the path. I kept the digs large, piling the grass and mud together.
The logs to ground the mound.
Peeling the grass and digging about 6-8 inches down.
I’m lucky I have such great soil to work with.
In goes the logs first.
Interlacing the logs with branches. I chose this position because the mound is at a slight decline, and this setting will help in retaining rain water.
Gradually added smaller and smaller branches in between and on top of logs.
This supports in water retention, and supports the grass/soil clumps on top. This will also aid in setting the ground work for a healthy and lively ecosystem within the mound.
Then I worked down the line, flipping the chunks on to the mound, with the grass on bottom. The grass will eventually die and break down, contributing to the mounds richness.
I applied a couple bags of grass clippings from the yard to take place of hay.
I mixed peat moss, top soil, and compost on top, to give the seeds a fighting chance to sprout and succeed.
The tools of the trade for this particular mound.
My garden today. I have a fifth mound in the plans.

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