Mushroom Hunt 2020

Caesars Creek State Park
Lots of rich soil and thriving foliage!
Old structures from the earliest days of Camp Kern
I would have loved to be a part of the original Camp Kern. The long treks into the woods and setting up camp along the rivers would have been great.
These stove chimneys were found all along our route.
We were looking hard for those delicious, elusive Morels, but hadn’t seen any.
Observing the tree pushing up against the wall with its roots.
Found lots of prime locations for the Morels, but didn’t find any.
Did find plenty of fossils, though. This park is notorious for them.
After 4 miles treking up and down muddy hillsides, my buddy and I stumbled upon quite a few of the Pheasant Backs.
They smell like watermelon.

So, yeah, we didn’t find any Morel Mushrooms this year, but we both walked away with rucksacks full of heavy Pheasant Backs. I’ll diced up the small ones for cooking, and I’m currently dehydrating the larger, tougher stuff. It’ll grind into a nice powder which I’ll use for soups, stews, etc. The day was a success.

I also hit my 21 mile goal. My achievement medal is on its way. Set goals and meet them. It goes a long way in times like these!

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