Starting a New Youtube Channel w/my Jeep Buddys. Check it out.

That’s right. It’s happening. It finally happened. My buddy’s and I finally started a Youtube channel. It’s nothing flashy, but we think you’ll have a few laughs and learn something, too. Jeepers Hangouts will be chuck full of humor, Jeep projects, repair tips, and of course, Jeep mudding action. Whenever we take a trip out, we’ll bring you along.

To encourage a back and forth with our viewers, we’re also on Dlive, where we’ll host Hangouts and answer whatever questions you have. Whether it be about Jeeps, mudding, traveling, camping, hiking, whatever, we’ll dish it out.

So, with that, Jimmy, Alex, and I hope you’ll subscribe to our channel, follow us on Twitter (@JHangouts) and follow us on Dlive at Jeepers Hangouts. Let’s bust some rust!

You can find our Youtube Channel here.

Our Dlive here.

Twitter: @JHangouts

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