Testing the Pup Tent

A quick set up for light test. A day later we had tornado warnings/watches and took it down as a precaution. After the storms subsided I put her back up, but this time I pegged the remaining two flaps. She doesn’t budge one bit. Probably could have taken the tornado on.

Over two years, and I’ve finally got my canvas shelter. I went through a variety of options for different backcountry travel: Motorcycle, Jeep. They weren’t ideal for hiking in up to 30 miles. Some would say this pup tent isn’t either, but people do it, and with a lot more gear than I will be carrying.

The original camp idea was a low profile, quick set up, for enough room to sleep and that’s it. The Winchester bed roll is awesome, but I can’t see myself trekking that sucker 30 miles in and out of the wilderness a week. I also need space to sit up so I can read a book and drink coffee without getting rained on. I also have my double sided tarp I’ll use to extent my space, and this overall set up adds about 10 pounds to my load, rather than 20. It also costs a lot LOT less.

As this adventure continues and evolves, I’m remaining flexible in my approach and being open to new possibilities. Any true traveler knows, some times there just isn’t an option to be otherwise.

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