Jeep Rebirth

The listings photo
The day I bought it and brought it home. Driving was hair raising with detached sway bar links.
First task: Rust removal and conversion on frame.
It was all rusted on the bottom. I ate rust for days.
It was caked in there with grime, it was all black, and the hood was all black. A complete fire hazard. So I took some chemicals and blasted that shit off. The fire wall turned out being purple, after all.
Yeah, the frame was rusted out, the tires were dry rotted and had some shit growing on them. The wheels were rusted and a couple of them were cracked.
Total rust bucket.
Flushed the engine and fire wall and this is what came out…. 5 cycles of mud. I did this the day my new radiator showed up. This was actually later in the build process and AFTER Jeep Jam in August 2018 over a hot weekend. Amazed the engine didn’t overheat.
First thing I did was throw away the back seat, which was so bad I didn’t think to take a pic of it before chucking it. Then I ripped out all the carpet, which was moldy, rotten, and deserved a prime spot in some dump. Every single plug hole in the tub were still in, so the water just sat in there.
First major cutting.
Slapped in a couple galvanized floor pan replacements AFTER treating them with POR15.
Yeah, theres the passenger side. Same thing.
Theres the Jeep Jam set up. The cab was in one piece, for the most part.
The back bumper that it came with was a Smittybilt double bar, but it was so rusted I pushed a finger in no problem. It was totally gone. So I checked that and bought a new Smittybilt.
Yeah, there she be.
Got rid of the moldy and dried out soft top with the slashed windows held by Duck tape. Got a brand new sail fabric top by Bestop.
Did a second, thorough washing before installing top. Total wash and scrub inside and out.
Got some new 32s and new wheels. Mounted myself, with a help from my friend and his daughter.
Damn fine, sir.
The struts were total shit.
Thats better.
Got those new sway bar links.
Both sides.
All of that was rusted and ready for shooting out that wheel on the road. Every nut and bolt was replaced. As far as strength and functionality goes, this Jeep just got an additional 20 year life span.
Yeah, those babies were gone. Got some brand news.
Brand new lugs.
Brand new drums.
Brand new disc brakes. The originals were so gone you could blow it for a rust cloud. I guess the slob I bought this Jeep from thought if the brakes didn’t stop it, something would. Well, I go through mountain ranges and need brakes that work!. I also got new brake lines put in.
This was a fun job.
That water had to escape some where!

Almost like new.
Damn sexy. Rust proof, water proof, heat resistant. The way it should be in the first place.
Haven’t had the money for new seat yet, so I got some durable covers.
That original radiator was rusted to hell. I kept the fan and zipped it to the new replacement.
Feeding her some new radiator fluid.
Scrubbed the whole body and started with bedliner. I used Rust-O-Leum.
Did 3 coats of bedliner.
Almost kept it like this. Looked badass.
Sticked to the plan. The all black would be too hot in the desert environments.
Installed some fog lights. They also double as turn signals.
Got a used unused High-Lift jack and mounted on the hood.
Slapped that parachute hammock in.
The day I left on her first major road trip. Mission: Copper Mountain, CO.
Built this myself, with help from a friend. Did it for a lot cheaper than the store bought ones. I saved about 300 bucks doing it myself.
She made it to Copper with NO problems. Kein Problem!
Despite -30 degree nights, she still started up.
Amazed she didn’t fall apart before all the repairs were made. Thmped logs, mud pits, and revved up hill in 100+ degree temps.

5 thoughts on “Jeep Rebirth

  1. The rusted floor boards reminded me of our first car. I bolted an tin can lid and license plate down in order to have a place to rest my foot on the gas pedal. We had to raise our feet whenever we went through a puddle.
    Your jeep looks great. May you have many great trips in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yeah I used a couple discarded signs to patch up the tub on the sides, where it was completely rusted through. Got a lot of work into her. Glad I no longer have to avoid the water when I hit a puddle!


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