Log Two: My Days at Copper Mountain


The above is a shot from top of American Eagle Lift at Copper Mountain. That was my view for Christmas Day 2018. One of the best perks of working as a lift operator in the Rockies.


The afternoon view was breathtaking, but the morning view of the sun rising from the mountain peaks was a living painting.

Yeah, the job had perks.


Oh, no, snowmobiles were not one of them. Only Ski Patrol, Mechanics, and Snow Makers got to use snowmobiles. It would make a lot of sense for Lift Ops to have our own fleet of snowmobiles, but that just wasn’t in the cards at all. I was going to hit up Vail for a snowmobile tour, or head more north to Teton in Wyoming for their snowmobile tours, but I wasn’t able to make enough to pay my bills and budget for that day trip. Those things are a ton of fun and would have been great to rip thru the Rockies on ’em.


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