Making Lemonade Vodka out of Lemons, Thank you Life!


Thats right, after coming to terms with the forbiddingly expensive costs of repairing my Tracker to OEM standards for road worthiness, I rescued a Jeep from decay.

When I rescued this 1999 Jeep Wrangler SE 4 cylinder, it was a worn down retired off road warrior in disarray. She had seen better days and the owner had no interest in repairing her.


A soft top totally shot and slashed and completely sun dried. A frame on its last foot before total rust out occurred. Tires completely dried out. Anterior moldy and ripe for the trash. A rear bumper totally rotten of rust and hanging on by half the bolts it should have been. Driver side mirror rotted off. I ripped out the carpet and found the passenger side floor pan was rusted through and the driver side wasn’t much better. The tub supports were completely rotted gone.

As I make repairs every day on her, I’m finding more rot. But underneath that rot is strong potential.




Spent a full two days chiseling rust off the frame. The soft top was so rotted I had to use a tarp to keep the rain out.


IMG_0278 2

Cleaning under the hood with industrial grade degreaser.

IMG_0277 2

Progress shot of taking off the stock fender flares and adding on a new factory replacement of the driver mirror.


Slapped on the Sierra Outdoors Soft Top and installing the Smittybilt Rear Bumper with Spare Tire Hitch.





Ready for the sunny day top down days.


First side done with the new 31.5 Cooper A/T tires. I bought my buddy’s stock Jeep wheels.


My hats off to Pep Boys for the 2 day delivery and excellent deal. 3 on discount and the 4th free.

When we were putting on the tires we realized the driver side sway bar link was broke and the struts are worthless, so I have some new ones coming in. Replacing both sway bar links and all 4 struts. Springs are in excellent condition. Front brakes were replaced not too long ago. I will be getting new drum brakes in the near future. Long before I take on my next mountain valley.

A spare tire will come around. My friends Jeep came with a dinky donut spare instead of a full size 5th. So I’ll need to get a wheel, also. All in good time.

Welding day is approaching, getting the new floor pans and supports in. Throwing on some POR15 on the under belly to prevent future rust. Paint job for the body and front bumper will follow that. Going for the WWII OD Green. There are plenty of JK’s on the 4×4 steroids, mine doesn’t need to be. It has a unique classic look to it and I think it would be great to go in that classic direction.

Once everything is sound and solid, it will be great to take my Jeep on a baptism from the dead.



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