Tracker a Total Loss

That’s right. I was in my room studying for the next day’s EMT module exam when I heard a loud crunch that comes from only one event. Someone in the neighborhood T-boned my Tracker on her way to getting a diet coke. This was devastating. I wasn’t mad, I was just dumbfounded. I traveled the whole country in some of the harshest terrain and wildest weather without so much as a scratch. I come home and park my ride outside my house and it gets totaled. Yeah, a total loss. (So the insurance says)

No sweat, though. It’s still drivable. A friend and I took a couple come-along winches and pulled the body back where it should be. Just waiting on a Hydraulic Ram to come in the mail to finish the job at the bottom. Then the front door should latch shut. Going to throw some sheet metal on the rear passenger door. It’ll be good as new.

I still need to make up for that exam I missed, but I’ve passed the preceding two.

Yeah I’m having to bum a ride to and from training, and that sucks, but I’m getting a chance to build my Tracker into the expedition vehicle I always knew it could be. That part will be fun. I flirted with the idea of getting a used Wrangler and go down that awesome rabbit hole, but it wouldn’t leave me much money left over to throw at it. If there were any hidden damage on it, I wouldn’t be able to fix it. If it needed any off roading tools or gear, I couldn’t throw it on (not right away, anyway). Keeping the Tracker gives me the opportunity to build a light rig I can take on a much longer road trip (1 year+) comfortably.

Tracker 2.0 will have more that will allow for a longer life on the road in-between National Parks, National Forests, and Wildland Fire/EMT gigs. Some reinforcements, more cargo, larger all terrain tires, etc. This Tracker had my back, and now I have hers. The frame is good to go, and so am I.

Some times good luck looks like a total loss.

A Jeep Wrangler rig will happen later when I need a heavier, more capable overland vehicle. I’m not there yet and the Tracker still has a lot of life yet to give.

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