Using Cyclists to Roll Back Public Lands

“Consider the source,” The sponsor of this bill, Tom McClintock, is no friend of wilderness. His lifetime environmental voting score is only 4 percent:

Just a quick update today on the GOP’s latest attack on our wild. In a new strategy, republican congressmen are allying with cyclists in order to weaken the Wilderness Act. The act specifically bans all mechanized transportation, which includes bicycles. The logic here is to allow cyclists in, so that other interests groups will use that as a precedent for their own cause. I saw first hand what happens when cyclists violate the rules and cycle where they shouldn’t in a national park and they leave behind damage and litter. All for a cheap thrill they can get at any other place.

I’ll never understand people who drive for miles and miles through the forest. Where upon coming to the end, see a sign saying “Foot traffic only” and complain the road isn’t longer.

For more on this latest attack, read this article from LA Times.

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