Downloaded Chimani’s National Park App

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I have a phone again! That’s right, after almost a year without a phone, I finally broke down and got the iPhone 6 Plus to replace my iPhone 5s for my cross country-National Park motorcycle trip. Once I punched in the SIM card and activation was complete, I figured I would load up some apps. Instagram, first and foremost. So I can share my adventures and sight seeing. Somewhere along the way I came across Chimani. Oh yeah, I followed Big Bend National Park on Instagram and they were using Chimani’s Big Bend National Park App. Looked into the app, liked what I saw, and downloaded the dang thing. After fumbling around the app, I found the map and realized I could download the map with GPS functionality while in use without requiring a signal. Just the thing I want! In a park thats over 800,000 acres, one lodge, and only 300,000 visitors a year, I kinda think having a reliable map would be a great idea.

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After giving a quick glance, I can see the value in this app. For one, it has the map with GPS, that to me is the most important feature. Secondly, the app comes with countless discounts for businesses inside or right outside every national park, historical site, forest, wildlife refuge, wildlife preserve, etc. Thirdly, I love that I can find water easily with this app. Going into the desert, you want to have more than one way to find water.

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The app also gives you access to upcoming NPS Ranger events. So if you happen to be in Great Teton or Big Bend and you’re starting to wear tired of hiking epic heights, an event hosted by Rangers just might be the thing for ya. I know I will be attending events whenever I’m not on the clock working, so this will be a great way to be reminded.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.15.05 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.14.56 PM

There’s more I can say about this app, and as my adventure kicks into gear, I most certainly will. So far, this is a fantastic app and recommend it for your next NPS adventure.

Big Bend National Park App by Chimani

National Park App by Chimani

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