The Ambience of Campfire Smoke – What Rhymes with Stanza?

While the focus (pun intended, sort of) of the weekly photo challenge is – go figure – photos, this week’s theme of “ambiance” reminded me of a post I wrote 3½ years ago for one of my prior blogs. I’m posting a portion of it here. With photos, of course. From July 2012: … As […]

via The Ambiance of Campfire Smoke — What Rhymes with Stanza?

I really enjoyed this post and wanted to share it with all of you. This captures the essence of going in the woods and figuring things out on the fly. It’s not always the outcome that’s the most important, it can be the experience of the process.

Equipment for camping is important, that is why I have been doing my due diligence in researching the best options. For my pick on my main rucksack and secondary rucksack for a multi-month cross-country motorcycle trip, read my post here.

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