Hiking Hacks for Your Next Adventure




There are several ways to pack a rucksack but there are some essential fundamental rules that apply no matter what. Whether you are carrying a super lightweight, one pound rucksack or you’re carrying a 16 pound Military system, there are rules to abide by if you want a long, safe, and enjoyable trek.

Take the first infographic above. You want your heaviest items closest to your back and about shoulder height. You do not want heavy objects at the bottom of your pack. Second fundamental to remember is have your rain gear at the top so you can easily access it quickly. The longer you can stay dry, the safer you will be. Third fundamental and this one I’m adding is have a first aid kit somewhere easily accessible. If your pack has MOLLE webbing or D-rings, attach a small emergency kit on the outside of your pack in a weather proof pouch. That way, if you fall or suffer a wound, you can easily get to your kit quickly. These are the absolute essentials to live by when you go hiking or rucking. Beyond those, the skies the limit to the variations of how you can pack your rucksack.

For instance, for a multi-day trek, consider this approach utilized for field drill. This approach applies the key fundamentals and is very practical.




For a more conventional rucksack, consider this instructional video by Mountain Warehouse.



These approaches are great for short term, over the weekend adventure. However, what if you are doing a month long or even 3-month journey and need to carry a few more items to sustain yourself? Well, if you are like me and planning a multi-month trip, I found a comprehensive video that answers that very question. In this Hey Nadine video, packing hackings for drinking water, towels, clothing, bedding, staying waterproof, and more presented.







Packing your rucksack correctly is important, but so is the way you tie your boots. For a quick hack on tying your laces, here’s an awesome infographic from REI!




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