Winter in Yosemite – iamjake

There are a lot of YouTuber’s out there who play video games, gossip and show you how they slap makeup around. Others, however, take a Jeep, a dog, and bare essentials, and travel to 50 states. That is IamJake.

I have been following this channel for a few months now and thrilled that this trio camped out at Yosemite National Park this winter. Jake, Jade, and Annie took some fantastic shots of the park, and I encourage you to check it out! Watch the video!

For another adventure in our National Park Service family, check out this blog post.

For the Jeep enthusiast among us, here’s a kickass vinyl sticker for your ride. “Don’t Follow Me You Won’t Make It.” Says it all!









3 thoughts on “Winter in Yosemite – iamjake

  1. Great experience you’re sharing here. I’ve done some. Wife and I rode a Honda dirt bike out of Mexico to Portland on single tracks and Jeep roads. We used 11 to travel 1700 miles.

    Nothing surpasses this outside adventure.

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