Joshua Tree National Park – Painting with a Camera

My First Desert Storm For a guy from New Jersey, the the power of the desert is very impressive. It is a harsh environment that requires strength to survive, let alone thrive in. Yet it is also a place of amazing beauty and Joshua Tree National Park is a great example of that. This is why I keep being […]

via Joshua Tree National Park – Part 2 — Painting With A Camera

I highly recommend this post by an incredible artist photographer, Richard Lewis. You will surely walk away awestruck by these desert captures from Joshua Tree National Park. Incredible work!

If you know of a talented photographer or painter who captures our National Parks to this degree send me a note about them. I will always highlight artists!

For tips on camping at Joshua Tree National Park check out this guide by The Outdoor Project. There you will find a comprehensive list of campsites and a helpful description of each. Really worth a view and they have several high-resolution photos to go along.

Check out this great adventure log by a fellow blogger who camped out at Joshua Tree National Park, she also provides some very helpful tips and suggestions for your trip!

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