Tweeting Around the Gag Order


Monday and Tuesday were eventful days, indeed. The White House ordered federal agencies such as the EPA and National Park Service from communicating with the public online and has ordered their websites be scrubbed of any mention of climate change. Then executive orders were signed pre-approving and expediting the Keystone Pipeline in complete disregard of the will shared by the Native American communities. In the face of all of this, Badlands National Park began tweeting solid facts on climate change. It was a glorious 2 hours of bravery and sparked a public conversation about agency censorship and a conversation about the National Park Service as a whole. The overwhelming support seems to have clearly fallen on the National Park Services side.


Since then, the NPS account tweeted an apology and has gone back to tweeting typical park stuff, encouraging visits,  just nothing that mentions a warming climate and the impact that has on plants, wildlife, and water. So, a new account, an unofficial park service account has been created and has since been tweeting science! That’s the screen shot above this page.

Whatever your thoughts are on climate change and the causes, scientific findings should never be censored from the public.


The National Parks and Monuments should be bipartisan and shouldn’t be subject to website purging and communication gag orders. These are our parks and we have a right to hear from them! People of all parties should be able to come together to defend against censorship and defend #OurWild our parks, monuments, and our wildlife.

The National Parks have a real legitimate concern when it comes to this new administration. The White House this week announced it intends to embrace the oil and gas industry and drill more “especially on federal lands.”You can read about this HERE.

Follow them on Twitter. Retweet their climate change data. Support their efforts. Get the word out. And support your National Parks by donating and volunteering. Tell your elected officials to support the NPS. Take a moment to thank NPS employees during your visits. They have never needed us more than now.

For a recap on what happened and how all of this started, read my blog on the matter HERE.


Follow AltUSNationalParks on their new Facebook page. 400,000 following with almost 500,000 likes already! And more and more National Parks are joining the movement for truth.

Fellow scientists have followed the NPS lead by starting their own rogue Twitter accounts! Follow all of them and show your support.



12 thoughts on “Tweeting Around the Gag Order

  1. How much stranger can things get?! We’re about to find out. Truly worried about where this government is headed … environmental progress is about to be set back 50 years, and may be irreversible.

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