Deciding on Canvas Bedroll: Wynnchester Outdoors

It has been a long process to decide on a tent for my Volunteer and Advocate for America 2018 tour of our National Parks and Monuments, but I think I have finally found something. The “Adventurer” Bedroll by Wynnchester Outdoors from the United Kingdom is a great durable, weatherproof, fireproof, compact option for any motorbike trip.


In my hunt for a tough and rugged tent for my nationwide Harley trip to volunteer and advocate for our National Parks, my research eventually led me to a very simple, barebones approach to camping: the bedroll. Tried and true camping pioneered for centuries, this offers a quick and easy campsite no matter where you happen to be.  It is a heavy duty canvas roll you place your sleep system inside, zip up, and sleep under the stars. Built in is a mosquito net to protect you from bugs, allows the bedroll to breathe, and gives you a sense of a larger space.


Another great feature and strong selling point for me is its compactness during travel. On a Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Sportster space is at a premium and I need something that won’t take up a bunch of space and weigh by bike down. The Adventurer model is a modified version of the original Wynnchester swag roll, designed to fit conveniently on any motorbike or rucksack. This can easily be used for a bugout, off grid adventure, a cross-country motorcycle trip, or even go with you on a canoe/kayak adventure allowing you to easily stop shoreside and sleep. For me, if I fall tired in route to my next destination or hit some bad weather unexpectedly, I can very easily stop somewhere and pitch this thing up to pass the weather.


Comes with a thick leather strap to secure it to your motorcycle or rucksack, emblazoned with a leather patch so you don’t forget the premium quality built into this roll. It takes weeks to manufacture each roll, so you know it’s built to last.

th-9 The zipper is top quality. Each spec of this bedroll is military grade and designed for reliability. For me, I’ve had numerous camping experiences with faulty zippers, rips in nylon, etc. I want a piece of mind. For a trip of months, exposed to the elements for an extended period of time, I need reliability.


Comes in Khaki Sand and Olive Green. Both comes with solid straps/loops at either end for the hammock mode. Simply find two strong sticks, tie a rope, tie off to a couple of trees and you have an open or closed hammock. Another fantastic feature for me, I am certain I will want to get off the ground every once in awhile!




A great selling point for me also is the fact that I can use this shelter even if I can’t bring my bike to the actual camp unit. As opposed to the EXPOSED Bivouac or Nomad II by Abel Brown, I won’t be fully reliant on camping with my bike. I don’t forsee myself doing that, but just in case!


Fly mesh mosquito netting in fully enclosing hood
Tapered design to shed rain
Compact rolled size (rolls up to approx 60cm wide x 20 cm diameter)
Weight: circa 4kg (canvas weight can slightly vary from roll to roll.)
Dimensions: 220cm Length; Width 100cm at head end; tapered to 75 cm at the foot end; pole height 60cm
Vinyl backed waterproof zips
Highest quality 12oz military-grade British canvas (52% polyester / 48% cotton)
Robust, breathable, nondeforming, water and rot resistant
Military-grade aluminum shock corded pre-curved pole with adjustable height alloy fittings
Suitable for use around a campfire (flame retardant)
Wind resistant, highly insulating
Pillow pocket for comfort and safe storage of jacket, keys, torch etc.
Integrated hammock pole sleeves
Extra height at the foot end
Dome shape to shed rain
Suitable for a variety of mattress types, or none
Includes standard black nylon bedroll carry straps, with side-release buckles
Available in Sand Khaki or Olive Green color

For an article written following the crew of Top Gear used this bedroll during one of their shoots click HERE.

For more products such as rucksacks, camp gear, tarps, bush packs, etc, visit Wynnchester Camp & Adventure’s main page HERE.

Here’s a fantastic article on the history of the canvas bedroll HERE.

Join me on my journey and support my mission to drive up volunteerism and protect our National Lands HERE!



7 thoughts on “Deciding on Canvas Bedroll: Wynnchester Outdoors

  1. Great choice of gear, I’ve used a similar item for years now. Here in The Land Down Under we refer to it as a ‘Swag’.
    Back in the great depression days Aussies referred to men on the road looking for work as Swagmen as they carried all their possessions over the shoulder, hence, swag.
    In the States I understand the word used was Hobo.

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    1. Awesome! That’s an incredible back story from history. I have to say, Swagmen sounds a lot better than Hobo! I’m glad to hear the swag holds up and does the job. I’m looking forward to getting mine and putting to a lot of use. Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon ami

    Je regarde le ciel et je pense tout en m’évadant
    Et je m’envole dans le plus grand silence
    Voir un monde meilleur sans guerre ou tout le monde se donne la main
    Voir toutes les personnes du monde ce sourire, sans aucun ne soit être déçu
    Des jours à ma fenêtre
    Je regarde les enfants courir,sauter,s’amuser
    sans que la maladie viennent les toucher
    Je regarde aussi les couples
    Ou l’amour de deux personnes sans qu’elles soient jugées
    ne peuvent se mentir
    Aimer toujours aimer quoi de plus beau
    Sans le dire on peux le démontrer par la parole ,par un cadeau autres
    Sur ces mots
    Je passe te souhaiter une bonne journée ou fin de soirée
    Gros bisous

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  3. Fantastic bit of kit for all season camping – incredibly well made and exceptionally durable – this is built to last or be passed-down to the next generation. Be sure to dry it out thoroughly between trips, and store indoors to be certain it doesn’t get mouldy or rot. I use mine with a modern fly-sheet or ‘basha’ which keeps my saddle dry when I’m motorcycle touring. This set-up also creates a prep area for cooking in the evening, using the Wynnie as a comfortable seat-pad. Would definitely recommend.

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