Winter in Our National Parks

Winter is the perfect time to visit many of our National Parks and Monuments. Just think, you get to enjoy an entire park by yourself. No massive crowds, no traffic, no noise, just you, the landscape and the wildlife.

But you also don’t want to be bored, too. There’s an easy fix for that.

There are many great activities you can take on in your winter time cross country national park excursion. Just think, you can star gaze alone or with friends in Bryce Canyon, sledding in the Great Sand Dunes, or blaze a trail through the Smokey Mountains.  Heck, you can go ice fishing in some parks. It’s up to you.

Our National Parks are there for you. Grab a tent and pitch camp.

For more ideas and info, check out this National Park Foundation brochure.

Make a 2017 New Year’s Resolution out of it!


In the deep silence of winter, we can perceive the vastness of our world and once again, feel that anything is possible. (jm)

NPS Photo/VIP Schonlau

2 thoughts on “Winter in Our National Parks

  1. Travis, good luck with all your National Park Endeavours, especially with the new president in force now. We need to protect and appreciate the tracts of wild land that remain and encourage nature more so than ever. Wishing you well and thanks so much for the follow, MM 🍀

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