The National Park Service Banned from Using Twitter Over Crowd Photo

The federal organization’s official Twitter account retweeted several posts critical of the new president.

via The National Park Service Is Reportedly Banned From Using Twitter After Trolling President Trump — UPROXX

Update: NPS Back On Twitter

  1. It would be odd for the NPS to not Tweet about the biggest event for the National Mall. It’s literally the Superbowl event for that park.
  2. They tweeted an undisputable photo of the park unaltered.
  3. The outrage over the tweet and the abrupt silence of the NPS’ freedom to communicate with the public via Twitter was in complete disregard of the first two facts above.

The White House’s reaction was overkill and dished out a gag-order since. The gag-order, as you know, bans federal agencies from communicating with the public about climate change, and some agencies such as the EPA are banned outright from all online communication with the public. In response, a National Park Service Twitter account from Badlands National Park went rogue for a couple of hours tweeting climate change facts. You can read more on this HERE. Since then, the official NPS Twitter accounts have been tweeting non-climate change tweets, and several dozen NPS employees have launched their own unofficial NPS Twitter accounts – as well as NASA- so that they can still communicate with the public. Facts are under threat as this new administration wastes no time to plant its feet as the authority on what is deemed “true,” and what is “fake news.”

Moving forward, I think we see the direction this new administration is taking in regards to the National Park Service. Support your parks, support your national treasures, and back up the people who selflessly give their lives to our nation’s greatest wonders.

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