New Year’s Resolution Idea, 2017

My New Year’s Resolution idea for 2017 is committing to walk /run a number of miles in a National Park while using the app Charity Miles. Why not enjoy the outdoors while raising money for the National Parks! Charity Miles is an easy to use and reliable app that tracks your steps, a partner sponsor then donates to your selected charity according to how many miles you smashed out the water.


I have been using this app for a few months now, raising money for great organizations such as The National Parks Service, Habitat for Humanity, World Wildlife Fund, International Red Cross, and others. For Veteran’s Day, I strapped on my books, grabbed the hoodie, and hit a nearby park for a 10-mile walk raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project. It felt great to honor the veterans by raising funds for a great organization that works hard every day to improve their lives. This app made it easy, and I found it to be highly reliable.

With that, I encourage you to consider committing a set goal in miles to run or walk while using Charity Miles and raise money for our beloved National Parks. In these times, it is important for us to do every little bit we can to help them in the fight!

My New Year’s Resolution is committing to running/walking 26 miles in a National Park or Monument by year’s end. Join me!

I will also be using this app a lot on my cross-country motorcycle trip to all of our National Parks, National Monuments, National Historic Sites, and State Capitols. Learn more about my trip here.




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