Volunteer and Advocate for America 2018 – National Road-Trip

Volunteer and Advocate for America 2018 – National Road-trip

I am planning a nation-wide trip to promote our National Parks and along the way bring awareness to incredible nonprofit organizations doing great work.


Volunteer and Advocate for America 2018 is a cross-country motorcycle trip to every national park, most national monuments, and many of our national historical monuments in every lower 48 states. On this trip, I will be volunteering for every national park I visit, along with nature preserves, wildlife refuge, and wildlife sanctuaries. In addition to volunteering for the National Park Service, I will also be volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, National Forest Service, National Wildlife Refuges, and various organizations that aid and contribute to their local communities. I will be doing all of this on a Harley-Davidson Iron 883, camping in a single person Wynnchester Adventurer Canvas Bedroll, and sleeping in a 5 layer army sleep system. My goal is to bring awareness to the importance of these parks and monuments, as well as promote nonprofit organizations who are doing great work. Supporters will be able to follow along via my blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram.

I am currently working as a dishwasher and night maintenance at a local restaurant to pay for my primary equipment. With the modest size of the Iron 883 Sportster, I will be taking the bare minimum for the trip. This will be a test of endurance and creativity in using what is available at any given location.


Why does this cause mean so much to me, you might ask?

The National Park Service does a great service for America and I want to bring my energies and intense work ethic to assisting them. I want to motivate and encourage people of all backgrounds to get out from behind the screen and enjoy the outdoors. Volunteerism and adventure go hand-in-hand. What better way to do that than to have an epic adventure, tell the story of America, and work alongside incredible people while making a difference? Join me and let’s do something good today!

Support my GoFundMe Campaign today. Supporters will receive trip updates, personalized shout-outs, and much more.

The Equipment

For now, I am using Roadtrippers.com to outline the general route of my state-to-state trip. I am continuously adding new maps to my profile and will continue to do so even during the trip. I’m sure I will hear about some awesome site or organization I have to check out, so when that happens, I’ll update my map online for you.


I will also be using a great mobile app called Rever to record my distance and time riding. It’s not necessary, but for such a large scale adventure, it would just be a darn shame not too!

“Just a guy with a Harley, a tent, the road, standing up for our National Parks and National Monuments.”

For sleeping, I had to think creatively. How in the world do you travel on a motorcycle for months on end with a tent? Not only a tent but sleeping bags, too? Well, for that I found EXPOSED Bivouac. It rolls up into a nice compact no-space-grabber, allowing for more room for the other stuff. It is hand sewn, weather proof, light, heavy-duty durable, and super simple to put together. Fewer parts the better. [UPDATE] I, however, have settled on a different option, but still stand by my initial impressions of this tent and still recommend it. I have, instead, gone with the Wynnchester Adventurer Canvas Bedroll. To protect against the harshest of environments, I have settled on getting a 5 piece modular army sleeping bag system that will do just fine. Durable, tough, you can’t go wrong with a Goretex bivy.

For a great review on the EXPOSED Bivouac motorcycle tent, click here.



I discuss and debate between 5 tents to decide which one I should get for this trip in THIS post, I am reaching out for any input or thoughts you may have on which tent I should get!

If you know of any awesome places I should stop by and check out just send me a message about it! When I’m in the area I’ll be sure to add it to my map.

UPDATE: Through extensive research and intensive contemplation, I came to the bedroll approach for my campsite setup. I need something compact yet durable, tough, and weatherproof/fireproof. For that, I have come to the conclusion that a canvas bedroll would be best. I found many models that would do, but most were rather large, heavy, and would only work if I were to be hauling it with a pickup truck. I did find one that is compact and even designed for motorcyclist and hikers in mind. Introducing the Wynnchester Adventurer Canvas Bedroll.


This thing will surely keep me dry and away from the bugs! For more on this bedroll, visit my blog post where I discuss features and use HERE.

I will update this post as I accumulate all of my equipment. Once I have everything ready I’ll post a review video of the complete set-up and write an extensive blog post for you.

Equipment aside, my main mission is simple: Preserving our wild and advocating for our National Parks.

My mission is to share, document, and get my hands dirty with real-world volunteer work for these parks. We need these parks and monuments and the best way to ensure their preservation is to raise awareness. The past few days have been tough on the national stage with a new administration that seems especially hostile to federal lands. My mission is to stand up for our parks, our wild, and showcase the incredible work and dedication that is placed into them every day by those who serve the National Park Service. I hope you will join me in this adventure, and join me in protecting our parks.

More on this to come. Stay tuned, friends.



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  1. Awesome plan, Travis! What an adventure that will be. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I don’t always write about travel (it’s ostensibly an old-house DIY blog), but when I do travel, I always write about it! Now I’m following you, too.

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