Repairing Isle Royale National Park – Lake Superior

Repairing Isle Royale National Park – Lake Superior

Think rugged outdoors. Think solitude surrounded by the greatest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior. Whether you want to backpack through dense wilderness, camp, or coast the water on a kayak or canoe to leave the busy world behind, Isle Royale National Park is it. But first, let’s look at this great back info on the Great Lakes themselves put together by TED Ed:

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for improvement, repair, and conservation.

In 2015 alone, park fee’s helped to fund important projects throughout the park. For instance, 2 miles of Minong Ridge Trail were rehabilitated and Todd Harbor Campground was also rehabilitated. You can find more repairs, rehabs, and installments completed throughout the past few years: Where the Fee’s Go

The dense wilderness use to be a pain in mankind’s neck but now is a desirable destination for outdoor adventures, escape, contemplation, vacation, and simply a good time. To learn more about the island, check out this great Map

Support the park, support the ongoing rehabilitation of Lake Superior and it’s surrounding wilderness. Make a donation, commit to volunteering, and do something good today.

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